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is a freelance photography services based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.We provide high quality images on freelance basis for
any types of photography.

DSLR Photography Course- We also specialized in conducting intensive photography course for beginners and intermediate. "Small Group, Huge Benefit". Learn More of our course benefits.

FREE Photography Tutorial- Improve your knowledge and skills by following our user friendly tutorial modules. Useful photography tips are also available to you FREE.
Charity Photography- If you think that photography is just as simple as clicking the shutter release button, collect your money and off you go, we hope this simple philosophy will change the way you practice photography. This is my idea of how photography that brings simple cheer and joy to some special people. Donate for charity by buying the featured photos or simply channel your donation direct to our featured organization. 
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Our method in teaching basic photography is pretty much an old school style but straight forward and proven to be effective. No professional models, no expensive outdoor trip, you don't get wet, you don't risk your camera getting wet and you don't risk your camera getting damaged by impact. Some trainers may have included the above to stimulate the excitement of the training but we believe in simplicity of getting the job done effectively.
Our objective is to get you understand how the camera think when you press the shutter button and the ability to shoot just about anything, anywhere and anytime.

The theory, mechanics and computer systems of the camera will be explained in the class using the simplest layman language so that it will be easy to absorb. Why use professional model when you and other trainee including the trainer can become the model? We use whatever material we have in class as our subject of learning like bottles, pen, papers, old camera, etc. The cheapest method yet effective and it serve the purpose of making you a better photographer.

This is how we keep our training cost low. By removing the unnecessary cost and using the available time effectively. We are like the low cost carrier as compared to the full service carrier. The objective is to get passengers to the destination.

About 75% of our participants are young photographers of below 30 years whom just started the hobby and having cost constraint but want to have a complete course. Our cost  meet their budget and the syllabus are adequate to get them moving and improve on their own initiative.
The rests of the age group are those who have struggled to learn on their own and need guidance to fast track their learning. Their intention is to learn more techniques and to be independent.

It doesn't matter which age group you are and it certainly doesn't matter what level of photography knowledge you have, if you have the passion to learn within short period but wish to have the knowledge stick with you permanently, this is the right place. Simplicity and effectiveness is the key to learning basic photography. With the "Master Key" you can open any door of photography branches. Just look beyond it and you will find what you are looking for.....
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Reflection of Life

A couple reciting Quran in Sultan Mizan Mosque. Shot taken at 200mm f2.8 1/80 -1EV ISO400 with camera on floor. This photo was not photoshoped. I should process the reflection to make it look like a mirror.
Waiting for The Sun

My shot of the day. The photographer was taking shots of the bridge while I was taking his photo. It wasn't supposed to be a silhouette shot until the lights inside the mosque were switched off.
Tilt-Shift Lens

For those who loves architectural photos and perspective, have a look at some of my collections. Shots mostly taken using my TSE 24mm lens. Enjoy them!
PUTRAJAYA in   HDR. See more in our HDR GALLERY.
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What isTokyoRama?

This is my collection of shots taken in Tokyo captured in Panorama Style. However, it also include other photos showcasing "The Faces of Tokyo" an impression of Tokyo seen from my perspective. CLICK on the images below to see more.

This is a gallery dedicated to Malaysian Scenes captured in Panorama "Seeing ThroughMY Perspective". More photos will be added as I visited more local interesting sites. Click on the image below for more.
The Faces of Tokyo - We bring you People Photography from Tokyo. A collection of shots from cultural show, random street photography and Harajuku Street Fashion photography.
Eyes of a FISH - When it comes to tight spaces, a Fish Eye is all you need..........hence, "The Cockpit Shot"....
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Collection of Long Exposure Photography
Whether you are a wedding photographer, commercial photographer, nature photographer or just shooting for a hobby, knowledge in digital post-processing is a must. Obviously, the photos you saw online or those you've seen in magazines were digitally processed and not straight out from the camera.

Photoshop is proven to be the best post-processing tool nowadays and there are some basic photoshop skills that you can learn to make your images stand out from the rest. If you need to know and experience more editing in  photoshop, this is the place. We make learning photography/editing easy and affordable for passionate people like you.

Browse through our FREE tutorial, follow through and let us know if you like them.
Photography is a form of expression and this is I how express my artwork. Browse through my website and you will understand how and what I see through my lenses and how I eventually contribute to my society. To all visitors, please note that I do not offer any courses and the pictures are for sale "on request" only.

Free Photography Tutorial
Free Photoshop Tutorial
Photo Gallery

Mount Fuji Gallery
Experience LONDON CITY
Experience The Western Tip of Wales - Caergybi (Holyhead)
Shot hot sunny mid day, reduced ambient light, capture water splashes.... all these with Pocket Wizard High Speed Flash Photography. Read more in out turorial....
to learn how this was taken