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My name is Puriantoh Supu and my nickname is SAN. I was born in Sabah in 1974 but moved to Kuala Lumpur in 1992. I graduated in Mechatronics Engineering, majoring in Robotics.

From SLR to DSLR. From job requirement it became a serious hobby and it became an obsession. I always love to challenge myself in delivering photography assignments and there is always new things to learn. Which is why I love this hobby. Photography allows me to explore my creativity to deliver quality images. When I got me eyes on the viewfinder, it really feels like a whole new world. With digital, everything is possible.

The transition from film based to DSLR was not difficult at all. In fact, I am glad that DSLR technology came through. It makes our life easier especially in managing thousands of images. Editing is now beyond what you can imagine, with new and improved editing software in the market.

Photographer & Digital Manipulation

Professional photographers that still have the idea that they do not need to know too much about Photoshop skills and digital manipulation may not last long in the industry. This is my opinion, off course. DSLR is not just about capturing images. It is far beyond that.

Nowadays, photographers shoot with post-processing in their mind. How to improve the images by digital adjustment and digital manipulation in order to produce outstanding images.

To all photographers out there, learn and master Photoshop if you want to be relevant in this field either as a serious hobby or as a full time professional.

My Major Equipment

About 90% of the images taken and shown in my gallery were from Canon EOS 5D MkII , Canon ESO 1D Mk IV and a couple of L lenses . The rests were shots from Canon EOS 50D & Canon EOS 7D.

 I am a "Pocket Wizard" addict. Remote flash trigger has changed the way photographers express their creativity and nothing can beat Pocket Wizard.

I used plenty of filters, although it sounds old fashion, filters saves time in post procession and the results are truly amazing.Lee filtersare currently the best (although not the cheapest) with bulk of my filters investment is on this brand.

Manfrotto 303SPH
is my favourite ballhead for Virtual Reality Photography to either produce a VR Pictures or panaromic pictures. The best post processing application for this style is PtGui. Very seldom I use this ballhead due to the weight, but the results are always amazing.

When not carrying my heavy gear, I would be using a compact camera and my choice is Leica D-Lux 6. Excellent glass quality and easy functions.

Photography adventure is not completed without a documentary and videos of the journey. GOPRO cameras accompany me for me exploration. It takes high quality videos as well as high resolution pictures including timelapase.

Art or Science?

If you don't master the science of photography you can still be an artist through imagination and creativity. But one need to master the science in order to realize the imagination. Anyone can be a photographer but not everyone can be an artist. I believe in order to be successful in this field, a photographer need to master the science before he or she can become an artist.

Which is why we should never be satisfied and stop learning.

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Ahmad Zohri - Administrator

Zohri is the Managing Director of SmartMinds Solution Sdn Bhd, a KL based Smart Card solution system. He manages this website. He shoots with his Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III and few L lenses. He loves the jungle and anything that is nature.

Zohri has a professional certificate in Photography. Trained by Din Arshad and Bustamam, two well known professional photographers in Malaysia. He is my traveling buddy.
Anne - Talent Search
She loves fashion. She is young and talented. With her connection, we are able to develop talent of new and unpolished potential models. She search for young and talented model to our studio to be trained.
Shashi - Associate Photographer

One of my students who is actively involved in getting jobs for functions and weddings. Highly motivated and always working hard to improve his skills. He shoots with Nikon D90.
Din Aziz - Associate Photographer

One of my students who is actively involved in getting jobs for functions and weddings. He shoots with Canon EOS 50D, EOS 7D and L Lenses.
Malik - Associate Photographer

One of my students who is actively involved in getting jobs for functions and weddings. He shoots with Canon 5D Mk II with L lenses.
Tenko - MakeUp Artist

Well, she does MakeUp.
Jack - Associate Photographer

He is a full time photographer now and has his own studio. Mainly specializing in indoor and outdoor photography of Chinese Wedding.