Why Do This?

Isn't it obvious? For the very same reason that everyone else is doing or least being seen doing, helping others to improve their life. One of the purpose of living is not only to take care of oneself but also to care for others, especially those in need. They need us, so lets give them what they need.

What Moves Me?

There are many ways to help them and I thought it would be a good idea to help them through photography. Money is not the only way to contribute to society, in this case I choose effort and energy. Through photography I bring them to your doorstep (to your screen to be exact) and let you see the real scenarios. Not everyone will be touched by these photos and stories but if you are already at this paragraph, it shows that you care. Hopefully, the rests of this article will move your heart to give us a hand.

How Can You Contribute?

- Cash Donation : The account number of the charity homes will be given. You can channel your donation direct.
- Purchase any of my featured photos complete with frame. The full amount of purchase will go to the charity fund. Please CLICK HERE to view and purchase the featured photos.
- Donate new or used items as per list provided ( click here ). If you have any of these items to donate but having logistic problem, please drop me an email (san@sanfreelancephotography.com) and we shall arrange for the delivery.
- Forward this page to your friends.

What Do I Get From This?

I get satisfaction. There is no profit or glamor in doing this and it is so difficult to describe the satisfaction unless you experience it. You will have to do this at your own time and expenses. I will let you know details of of the next trip so you can join and experience the "satisfaction".

Charity Home

- Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Islam Sabak Bernam

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