Location : Lot 5204, Jalan Parit 1 Timur, 45300 Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam.
Tel : 603-32242849 (Puan Rosnah)
Account :
12-13000889605-8 (CIMB) or 12056-01-000425-2 (Bank Islam)

Founder Dato' Hj Baharin B Hj Mat Akhir built a small wooden house for 6 orphans in 1985. With courtesy of the Selangor State Government, a double storey building was built in 1988 which increase the capacity of the orphanage home to 50. A dining hall, praying hall and a mini library were later built from a public fund. sports facilities available are Badminton court, sepak takraw court and table tennis.

Two mini vans and a Perodua Kancil courtesy of corporate organizations are their means of transportation. However, students normally walk to their schools for at least 5 kilometers away unless on rainy days where the caretaker will use the mini vans.

Age Range
The home will only accept orphans from 11 years to maximum 19 years old. After the age of 19 they either further study, get a job or stay with a foster parents or relative.

The Fund

The central government allocated about RM90,000 per year for food ONLY. The rests of the fund comes from donations. The food allowances given by the government is not enough especially after the price hike. Which is why most of the times they have to use their own fund.

What It Means To Them?

What ever you contribute, even if it is just a piece of advise, they'll accept it with an open arms. No matter how small our contribution is, it really means the whole world to them. If it is not US than WHO will look after THEM.

Start Here

Start with something small, start by browsing through their photos.

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