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Our photography course will be conducted in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We conduct photography course only during weekends. Register now and benefit from our well structured photography course.
Photography Course in Bintulu, Sarawak.

This course will be conducted in Bintulu, Sarawak. Please register to book your seat.
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Course Title : DSLR Photography Course (2 Days)

Background : With the fast development of DSLR cameras and vast improvement in digital editing, many people seem to try their luck with photography as either a part-time job or a full time career. While DSLR development is good for the industry, many photographers rely so much on the system that they ignore the basic principles of photography. This course is designed to educate the participants on the theoretical and technical aspects of photography which also includes practical approach of professional techniques and skills of modern digital photographers.

Objective : To create photographers with knowledge, discipline and good ethics.

Who Should Attend ?
1- Beginners – This course is suitable for those considering investing in DSLR cameras and those who have invested but lack the skills and knowledge to capture quality images.
2- Amateurs – There are many photographers who only knows how to capture reasonably good images but do not understand the technical aspects of photography. This course is also designed to photographers who wish to get an in-depth knowledge and technical know-how behind all the techniques they have been applying throughout the years.
3- Corporate Entity – Any company who wish to have their own in-house photographer(s) for their own functions can send their employee(s) for this training.

What to Expect From This Course?
• Our goal is really simple - To give you "Total Control" of your camera. As long as you still play around in the "Auto Mode" zone, you will never gain control of your camera. The camera decides for you and you do not get exactly the images you want.
• Here, we tell you how the camera thinks so that you can control it. You do the thinking; you decide and get the camera do exactly what you want.
• Not everything about photography can be covered within two days but attending this course will expedite your self learning. Reading manuals and technical books will make sense now and easier than before.

Three Main Areas Covered

This course will be divided into three sections mainly:

Photography Skill -->  Outdoor Portrait and Nature Photography ---->  Practical Lighting

1.0 ISO Setting
1.1 Understanding ISO
1.2 Practical use of ISO to control exposure
1.3 Relation of ISO and digital noise

2.0 White Balance
2.1 Understanding White Balance
2.2 Types of preset White Balance
2.3 Setting Custom White Balance
2.4 Setting Custom Temperature
2.5 Test Your AWB
2.6 White Balance Shift
2.7 White Balance Bracketing

3.0 Aperture
3.1 Understanding Aperture
3.2 Aperture Number
3.3 Large and Small Aperture
3.4 Depth of Field
3.5 Working in Aperture Mode

4.0 Shutter Speed
4.1 Understanding Shutter Speed
4.2 Working with Shutter Speed Mode
4.3 High Speed Sports Photography
4.4 Slow Shutter Speed Photography

5.0 Program Mode
5.1 Its application
5.2 Using Program Mode to set exposure

6.0 Metering System
6.1 Types of metering system
6.2 Application and Selection
6.3 Handheld Metering System

7.0 Focusing System and Drive Mode
7.1 Choosing Auto Focusing System
7.2 Auto Focusing Mode Selection
7.3 Using Manual Focusing
7.4 Using focus point selection
7.5 Drive Mode/Release Mode
7.6 Self Timer/Remote Control

8.0 Exposure
8.1 Understanding Exposure
8.2 Adjusting Exposure Level
8.3 Exposure Bracketing

9.0 Full Manual Mode
9.1 Understanding Manual Control
9.2 When to Use Manual Mode?
9.3 Which Setting to Start With?

10.0 Flash System
10.1 Working with Built-in flash
10.2 Controlling Flash Exposure
10.3 Using External Flash
10.4 Flash Bounce and Reflection
10.5 Using multiple flash and synchronising

11.0 Histogram
11.1 Understanding Histogram
11.2 Checking Exposure with Histogram

12.0 Fundamentals of Composition
12.1 Creating Impact in Composition
12.2 Creative Composition Though Aperture Control
12.3 Architectural Composition
12.4 Composition for Post Processing

13.0 Practical Lighting
13.1 Window Light Portrait
13.2 Diffusing and Reflecting Window Light
13.3 Outdoor Lighting with Reflector and Diffuser
13.4 Single Light Setup
13.5 Simple Two Light Setup
13.6 Dramatic Two Light Portrait Setup
13.7 Three Light Setup With Front Fill Light
13.8 Three Light Setup With Background Separation Light
13.9 Clamshell Portrait Lighting
13.10 Single Overhead Light Technique
13.11 Video Light for Portrait and Product Shoot
13.12 Simple Two Light Product Shoot
13.13 Outdoor Flash Photography Demo
13.14 High Speed Flash Photography Demo

14.0 Main Highlight @ Putrajaya
14.1 Exposure Control For Night Photography
14.2 Creative Silhouette and Reflection
14.3 Structural Photography
14.4 Creating Impact Through Unexpected Angles
14.5 Slow Shutter Speed – Motion Control
14.6 Panoramic Photography
14.7 Panoramic and Bracketing for High Dynamic Range Photography

15.0 Internet Application
15.1 Flickr and Facebook
15.2 Photography Community
15.3 Creating Photo Website


Please indicate in the form the type of course you are interested:

1- One (1) Day DSLR Photography Course
2- Two (2) Days DSLR Photography Course
3- One (1) Day Practical Lighting Solution Course