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Photography Course DSLR

Background :
The vast development of DSLR technology is good for the industry, however, many new photographers rely so much on the system that they ignore the basic principles of photography. This course is designed to educate the participants on the theoretical and technical aspects of photography. The syllabus also includes practical approach of professional techniques and skills of modern digital photographers.

Objective :To develop knowledge based photographers with discipline and good ethics.

Who Should Attend?
  • Beginners - This photography course is suitable for those considering investing in DSLR system and those who have invested but lack the skills and knowledge to capture quality images.
  • Amateurs - There are photographers who can compose and capture good images but may not know technical aspects of their system.  By attending this photography course, the participants will be able to get an in-depth know-how of the system. Mastering the science of photography will enable them to be critical in delivering quality images, thus, improving their skills.
What to Expect From This Course?
  • Our goal is really simple - To give you "Total Control"of your camera. As long as you still play around in the "Auto Mode" zone, you will never gain control of your camera. The camera decide for you and you do not get exactly the images you want.
  • Here, we tell you how the camera think so that you can control it. You do the thinking, you decide and get the camera do exactly what you want.

Why You Should Attend This Course?

There is no short cut in learning photography and we believe that you should learn it the right way.

Our modules are designed to make you understand how the camera thinks and let you control the camera. If you understand how your camera think, you can master any type of photography.

The modules are systematic that we start everything from basic which is what is lacking from other modules. They let you shoot instantaneously instead of teaching you the basics.

They let you shoot photo models during training. Here, we save your money by not having models but optimize that time to teach you photography that will let you shoot anything, anywhere and anytime.

photography course in bintulu,sarawak

This two days photography course will be conducted in Bintulu sarawak. Register early to confirm your seat

Photography Courses Offered
       - NO OPENING


1- Classroom : Fully air conditioned, clean restrooms, including photo studio equipment.
2- Restaurant located on ground floor and nearby shoplot.
3- Free Parking

4- Budget Hotel is 20 meters walking distance.

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