Photography Course For Beginners
Photography is a lifestyle and for a beginner to be an expert in photography, he needs to attend photography course that provides the best syllabus.
Our photography course conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia specialized in the area of wedding photography, aerial photography, portrait photography, pre-wedding photography, commercial photography, charity photography and photography course.

Learn Photography The Right Way
By attending our short photography class, you can master the art of photography. Our wedding photography specialist are trained to handle any situation and they produce high quality photos. Our photographers are well versed in Malay Wedding Photography, Chinese Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding photography.

One Day Photography Course For Intermediate.

Photography Course FAQs

1. Where is the location?
    Course to be conducted in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn Cheras. Location map will be provided on request.
    (Request Map)

2. How is the course conducted?
    This course will be conducted in a classroom with basic facilities. Practical sessions will be conducted inside the class as well as outside classroom.

3. How long?
    From 9am to 5pm on Saturday and/or Sunday.

4. Is this course available outside Selangor?
    Will only be conducted if there is enough demand and participants.

5. I have no experience. Can I attend?
    Yes. The course module starts from basic and it is good for beginners to attend and practice good habits. We have trained many beginners whom  were able to master the skills effectively after attending our course. They became more knowledgeable and able to speak in photography language.

6. I do not own a camera or considering a camera. Should I attend?
    It is better to have some knowledge of photography because they will help you decide which system you will buy. After attending the course and without any influence from us, you will be able to decide on which system to invest. If you need a camera during the training, we can arrange for a rental unit at your cost.

7. I have a Canon/Nikon/Sony/Olympus/etc camera. Is this course specific to any camera system?
    We are not salesman of any camera system. Photography is a general knowledge which do not discriminate or undermine any particular systems. There is no preferences in teaching photography.

8.Is post processing and Photoshop included?
    Photography and post-processing are two different processes but related. If you capture bad photo, no matter how good your post processing skill is, the end result will still be awful. But if the original image is excellent, the end result will be distinctive and less time will be spent on post-processing. Here, we stress on "doing it right" from the beginning. We stress on capturing good images. Basic Post-processing and photoshop is available on group request only.

9. Are the modules easy to understand?
    We have done the hard work for you. We made it easy for you to understand by using layman's terms coupled with straight forward illustrations and practical. First we teach you the theories than followed with practical.

10. How many instructors and how many participants?
      We keep the group small by having a ratio of 1 : 5. Meaning one instructor for 5 participants.

11. How do I register?
      Fill up the registration form or just give us a call. REGISTRATION FORM.

12. How much is the fee?
      The fee is only RM250 for one day course and RM480 for two days course. Click here for TWO DAYS course detail. Please contact me for  details on ONE DAY course.



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