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                                                  Photography Course 

Background :

I remember when I was still in school, photography was a hobby for the rich. A simple compact film camera wasn't  cheap, well, I don't have to mention about SLR. But that was in the past when we were still using big floppy disk. With the current technological development, everything seems to move and change so fast. So does the lifestyle and trend of young kids.

Photography for instance is becoming really common among teenagers. It has become more like a trend and lifestyle that these teens will not leave their home without a camera. In a worst case scenario, they will make sure they bring along a smart phone with built in camera.

The number of teenagers having a DSLR in this country perhaps more than those teenagers from the country origin of Canon or Nikon. They shoot almost anything. But these kids need guidance in order to optimize their true potential in photography art.

Our 2 1/2 days Basic DSLR Workshop is just what they need.

Workshop Contents :
  • Basic DSLR - We want to make sure that they understand the science of photography in order for them to gain full control of their camera. Once they have full control of their camera, artistic mind can be easily unleashed.
  • Outdoor Photography : No doubt these kids will be traveling, so, we make sure that they know what to shoot for and how to get those excellent shots. Night photography will be covered as well.
  • Product Photography : An important tool considering kids just love to shoot small items either for their website or for their facebook. We teach them simple and basic product photography.
  • Studio and Fashion Photography : There is no way that teens nowadays can runaway from fashion. We teach them how to handle studio lighting and how to direct and manage photo  models.
  • Our program will include assignments and a half day photo review.

Workshop Details
  • Date : 5th January, 19th January and 9th February 2013
  • No of participants : Maximum 10
  • For more details on location, program, etc, please REGISTER. We will send you workshop details upon receiving your online form registration.

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                                                  Photography Course 

Program Summary :

Day 1 : 9am to 9pm

- Morning Session : Fundamentals of DSLR. Classroom Activities and Outdoor within the vicinity of the classroom.
- Afternoon Session : Outdoor landscape and architectural photography within Putrajaya.
- Night Session : Night photography and light painting within Putrajaya.
- Assignments given to participants.

Day 2 : 9am to 1pm
- Photo review in classroom.

Day 3 : 9am to 4pm
- Morning Session : Outdoor Flash Photography within Bandar Tun Hussein Onn Lake Garden.
- Afternoon : Studio Lighting and Product Photography.

Fee : Please fill up the form or call the listed number or text your email address stating your interest in this program. Full details will be released to interested participants via email.



Participants from Sweet 17 Workshop are eligible to be shortlisted for our "Young Apprentice Program" which is limited to only 4 seats. Selected participants will go through advance courses (no fee charges) which is not part of the original Sweet 17 syllabus. Participants will also be exposed with on-site photoshoot and spend more learning hours in our studio.